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Potable Water

SPS Potable Water System

SPS Potable Water System

SPS™ is a 100% solid polyurea with a silicone tail. This enables the polyurea to have superior chemical and heat resistance, lower water absorption, better abrasion resistance and improved weathering. Although aromatic the silicone tail reduces oxidation when exposed to direct sun light. Light colors will still change but gloss remains. SPS will have less algae build up and reduce marine growth compared to regular polyurea. SPS performs well when exposed to petroleum products such as gasoline with or without ethanol, diesel fuel with or without biofuel added and crude. Conventional polyurea is attacked by the ethanols. SPS requires heated plural spray equipment such as Graco EXP-2 using hose heats of 150 - 160F and primary heats the same. Spray pressures using Graco P2 or Fusion gun are to be set at 2000psi. Surface preparation should be the same as regular polyurea that is clean, dry and abraded. SPS can be available in different hardness from 65 shore D to 80 Shore A. Tensile s..

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