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Ballistic SIM™

  • Ballistic SIM™

Ballistic SIM™ super-polymer technologies are designated into 3 groups: BS-NEAT, BS-LAM and BS-SM. BS-NEAT may be cast optically clear to a thickness of 1.25" (31mm) to handle intense hand gun fire at close range with fire-power from multiple rounds of 44 magnum, 9 mm and 45 caliber bullets. As shown in shown Fig. 1 a couple of 45 caliber bullets were stopped at a depth of .375" into BS-NEAT at close range. BS-LAM is specifically designed for composite builds using numerous inner members such as ultra hard steels, ceramics, Kevlar fabrics and ultra-dense engineered thermoplastics. BS-SM is an ultra-tough energy absorbing skin used primarily in shrapnel mitigation.

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