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Glow SIM

  • Glow SIM

Glow SIM is a durable, long-lasting, glow-in-the-dark, harsh environment coating used primarily in safety applications providing dark and dangerous areas with a strong night-light. When fully charged by the sun or auxiliary lights, the night-light Glow SIM lasts brilliantly for 2 hours. An inherent safety characteristic of Glow SIM is its high dielectric constant which yields as an electrical insulator as it will not carry an electric charge. This material embodies ClearSkin for slow roller application and APA for fast spray application. Glow SIM delivers an extremely tough weather resistant coating. It exhibits excellent durability regarding resistance to abrasion, chemicals and sunlight. Being very tough, it is used primarily in exterior high-wear environments where severe topcoat protection is required. Although Glow SIM may be used directly on many types of surfaces, it is normally used over a reflective base-coat color such as white, yellow or silver to add more to the reflective-glow. Glow SIM top-coat is available in Green and Blue. Mixing together gives a gentle aqua or light teal.

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