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Pour Foams

  • Pour Foams

Pouring Foams are a family of rigid water-blown foams designed especially for pour casting into molds to create vevy intricate very diverse parts. These pouring foam formulations may be custom blended to offer unique mechanical, thermal, non-burning,high compressive/shear strength properties along with specifically designed reactivity molding times such as creme time, gel time, tack-free and overall cure time.Specialized Industrial Materials offers these properties in a wide rande of foam densities.Typical density pouring foams ranges from 2-10 pcf. These foams may also be coloredand/or include bio- oils if needed to be considered "a green product". Theses pour casting foams are seen in a variety of applications in very diverse industries such as architectural wall and decorative part moldings, furniture and toy markets, specialty part moldings etc.

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